Solo performance (English)

“Nothing at Full Blast”

Professor Trifolikom’s solo performance for the eternally simple, the miserably serious and the seriously laughter-struck.If you belong to none of the above categories , you might end up doing so when you have had the pleasure of meeting Prof. Trifolikom and his array of characters. You may be introduced to the Magician who steers the audience with his remote control and confuses volunteers with the snip of scissors and string, or Dut Dut de Fromaice, the elegant Equilibrist on his folding chair. Perhaps you will bump into August the Clown, fumbling with bottle and bucket, or the underplayed comic, Kurt the biker, with his lolliping gait and love of fruit. And, weather permitting, The Cannon King may finish the whole show in style . 

Tonny has several figures for walk-about as well. Maybe you will meet a roadworker chalking up new lines to remap your town. 

Tonny Trifolikom’s repetoire ranges from crazy comedian to poetic clown. His tradition is born from a family of Circus people who performed in a time when travellers were still a part of the Danish landscape. Tonny has been performing in Denmark since he was young. As well as his solo shows Tonny also has his own “Cirkus Mongo” and he runs workshops and hires out tents. 

Tonny has taken his show to Northern Ireland and numerous towns in Sardinia with great success. He has also run clowning workshops for the Circus School in Belfast 

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Our homepage has an English video, made for Discovery, illustrating who Tonnys the clown is.